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Different Places

by A Life In Binary

Different Places will be my first solo LP after one EP and 3 film soundtracks, something that I've been working towards for many years. It's proven to be my biggest undertaking to date, as I've written, produced, engineered and played the instruments with the exception of drums on some tunes. It's an art-rock album, if that's of any use to you. I can't play video games, take a holiday, get married, or have kids until it's complete. Please send food.

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Artwork by Ali Bruce

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The Studio

This is where I work. I've been building it up over the last couple of years with a lot of help from family and friends. For me, it's a dream come true to work in this space and that feeling seems to be shared by those who I've collaborated with here. It's only fair to say that I dedicate any (good) work that I produce going forward to those kind people.

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